Swing The Vote


Our campaign to inspire young people to vote was based on our belief that 18 to 24-year-olds – over half of whom sign online petitions – aren’t apathetic. They need to believe they can make a difference.

With a quarter of constituencies predicted to change party with a five per cent swing, the young – making up 14 per cent of voters – could Swing The Vote.

Our ‘by youth, for youth’ campaign included a crowd-sourced manifesto film, where team youth answered the question: ‘I would vote if…’.  At its premiere, street artists took part in a live Twitter-powered art battle, which trended with over six million impressions.

A major campaign coup landed when we persuaded all major parties to deliver youth-related election pledges over Twitter.

But did it work? Some 60 per cent of young people turned up to vote, and 46 per cent increased their political understanding from our campaign.