Sundae School

Ben & Jerry's

For Ben & Jerry’s ‘social mission’ Join Our Core, we hosted a series of events for ethical and socially conscious businesses across London, offering start ups a chance to hear from experts in the game such as Martha Lane fox, Liz Earle, People Tree founder, CEO of Freecycle etc on how to get their business off the ground. These were each themed around food, beauty or tech and ticketed via Eventbrite so young, socially conscious members of the public could attend, as well as influencers and media – all sharing their thoughts and expertise over a scoop. The events rewarded young ethical entrepreneurs with special prizes for those who pitched their business idea in 140 characters. Importantly, each of the 50 pieces of coverage reiterated and raised awareness of Ben & Jerry’s social mission principles, with a total OTS of 44,156, 185, and 3,800,000 Twitter reach