Relaunching a British Icon

Butlin’s had made headway with new audiences but still had a job to convert core ABC1 ‘refusing to budge’ mums. One barrier was accommodation – perceived as dated, run-down and not fit for their family.

So Butlin’s brought its iconic chalet into the 21st century – and tasked us to make the new Village famous in an authentic and credible way – through conversation-starting topics and on-resort experiences that laddered up to a perception-changing campaign.

And to prove that earned media could drive sales.

We first worked with Mumsnet to find out what RTB mums really wanted from a family break, insight which informed chalet design.

We then trailed the chalets for six months, drip-feeding elements to maintain excitement and running pre-briefings with broadsheets, securing embargoed coverage to land on launch. We also created insightful b-roll which told the story of a chalet from 1936 and brought on board a social historian to give context.

We knew that success hinged on creating compelling content which showed mums the chalets – so we also worked with resort to create two smart and engaging visual hooks, tailored for different media verticals:

1) A ‘reflection of Butlin’s 1930s chalet, made from the new ‘Sir William Butlin’ rose, specially commissioned as Billy used to plant roses around his chalets.
2) A permanent giant Instagram frame to capture the perfect family snap.

But did it work? Our real proof was the 32% immediate uplift in the all-important peak bookings during the campaign.