ADT came to us with a brand-building brief, to drive relevance and preference outside of just the purchase moment (i.e. when you or someone you know has had a security issue).

Key to our first campaign was the insight that, actually, security is an everyday concern. How? Well major security issues might not always be front of mind but minor ones undoubtedly are. For example, think about the disproportionate annoyance you feel when your carefully labelled milk goes missing from the office fridge when you’re gasping for a cuppa.

So we created a smart prototype alarm that would protect everything from biscuit tins to leftovers – MAIA by ADT. Using motion sensor technology, when anyone gets within 50cm of your property the alarm is triggered and a camera sends a photo of the perpetrator to your phone or email, so you can catch them in the act.

We secured an OTS of 500million and engagement rates on social shot up to 30%. Post-campaign research showed that – thanks to MAIA – 11% would consider ADT if they were looking for an alarm and 7% wanted to find out more about ADT.

The campaign also had a positive impact on the bottom line, converting into genuine business leads. But best of all, Unity biscuits are now safe…