Marks & Spencer

M&S’s 2014 Christmas ad starred Magic & Sparkle, two fairies playfully interacting with an unsuspecting public. We were briefed to add our own touch of magic to take the campaign through the line. The week before the ad’s airing, we brought the fictional fairies to life – delivering random acts of magical kindness across Britain. Strategically, everything hung off the premise of ‘#FollowTheFairies’ as we encouraged the public to follow their lead of good deeds and follow them on Twitter.

The mysterious ‘@TheTwoFairies’ identified people on Twitter in need of kindness – which we duly delivered. We brought snow to a school in Cornwall, and used drone technology to help our fairies fly across the River Tyne. By the end of the week the rumour mill was at full tilt, resulting in a ‘now I get it!’ moment when the advert was finally revealed.

The campaign gave the ad creative exponential power and became a huge talking point with over 1.7 billion opportunities to see. All in all 42,000+ people followed @TheTwoFairies and the public – literally – #FollowedTheFairies, submitting 17,000 random acts of kindness. More importantly it positively impacted Brand Momentum, and drove people in-store and online. Magic.