We were delighted to partner with the BBC – a unique cultural institution that helped create our nation – during their Charter Review.

Our role?  To remind people of the BBC’s work and engage them – digitally – in the corporation’s future.

With 97 per cent of us using the BBC weekly, we needed people to recognise its unique value to them. #BBCMoments was born. We asked Britain to tell us their #BBCMoments, launched with a shareable video inspired by the Creature Comforts adverts. Submissions were centralised via a Tumblr, alongside #BBCMoments from BBC talent.

We played submitted moments back to the community with recognisable content. From the Queen’s Coronation to Arnold Rimmer, no BBC stone was left uncelebrated.

The public went from apathy to advocacy, with our campaign’s social reach of 31million. More importantly, we moved people to engage with the BBC’s future, driving 100,000 responses to the Government consultation on the Charter Review.