April 24, 2014

What’s in a name?

Daily Mail Netmums

Last July, the UK went baby crazy with the arrival of a new heir to the throne, now known as Prince George.

But what’s in a name? As bets were placed on what the royal baby would be called, a poll of Netmums members, released by the Unity team, revealed that almost a quarter of families chose names for their newborns based on fashion trends in 2013.

The story appeared in every national newspaper and sparked an explosive debate, with the now infamous Katie Hopkins, about which were deemed lower and upper class baby names. The video went viral.

So, in 2014, how did we top that?

By going back to basics, it seems. The annual baby names report of almost 4,000 UK parents by Netmums, which was released this week by the Unity press office team, revealed that the trend this year is for giving newborn babies Olde English names – perhaps a nod to the Game of Thrones phenomenon.

Medieval girls’ names including Kendra and Winnie, as well as boys’ names such as Peyton and Audley are now popular choices for babies, with two in five parents choosing a name for their child which was last popular more than 350 years ago.

Historic is now the mode, replacing the previous trend for giving children more modern ‘fantasy’ names like Princess, Crystal or Prince – which 36 per cent of respondents this year described as ‘outdated’.

A hard-working press office team meant that the story appeared in almost every national print newspaper, an appearance for Netmums co-founder Siobhan Freegard on Sky Sunrise and an abundance of regional coverage – not that we’re blowing our collective trumpets, of course.

Here’s a little snippit:


Which begs the question: what names will babies born in 2015 be lumped with?