April 24, 2014

Unity runs the marathon!

Hazel and Lucy run the London Marathon

Hazel and Lucy run the London Marathon

Unfortunately Mo Farah missed out on his chance of winning this year’s London Marathon, finishing in eighth position with a leisurely 2:08:21 – just over a minute shy of the British record.

However, Unity’s spirits weren’t dampened on the day, as two of our homegrown athletes beat a Unity London Marathon record, finishing in just under five hours – 4:59:21 to be exact.

By day, the speedsters are known as Social Media Manager Lucy Pearson and Account Manager Hazel Beevers, and had been training hard for months beforehand – Lucy getting up to 20 miles in her weekly ‘long runs’ [a marathon training technique], and Hazel getting up to slightly less impressive 14.

In true Unity style, the girls ran the whole way round together, high-fiving each other underneath the arched one-mile signs – even sprinting over the finish line together holding hands. Who dragged who over hasn’t been confirmed yet – they have exactly the same finish time – but it seems the camaraderie was what drove them through those final metres.

After limping home to the Unity office on Monday, Hazel said:

“The day itself was so much fun – Lucy and I managed to have a laugh and chat (at the start at least) – plus we couldn’t have wished for a better crowd. There were spectators at every corner and bend in the road, and kids slapping our hands – it was so motivating. I went and sat by Nelson’s Column having a few beers with some friends after, watching the last of the runners to come through and honestly I would recommend anyone to do the Marathon for that feeling – I just felt so proud that I had even made it to the end!”

Hazel and Lucy ran the marathon for charities – Whizz Kidz and Mind respectively. They have until May 18th to achieve their fundraising target, so if any readers wish to donate, their JustGiving pages can be found here: