November 15, 2017

Unity: Innovators in Communications in EMEA, by the Holmes Report

Our co-founder Gerry Hopkinson has just been given the incredible honour of being named one of 25 leading Innovators in Communications in EMEA by the Holmes Report.

 To mark this wonderful moment, we thought it would be a good idea to share our philosophy on innovation and how it guides our work.

 Innovation is doing something better, and it’s always been at the heart of Unity.

 When we set up, we started with a blank sheet of paper and asked ourselves a simple question: “If Public Relations didn’t exist, what should it be?”.

 We realised fairly quickly that it needed to be about human beings and put people at the heart of every brief. This means starting with our audiences, and finding out how brands and businesses could meet their needs. This may seem like common sense, but it was a radical departure from business as usual in 2005!

 We then asked ourselves “What new channels and ways of engaging people could we use?”

 This led us to think about people themselves as the most powerful media channel on the planet. This was at the beginning of what we all now realise is a revolution in thinking about PR & Communications and influencer marketing. We still believe that influencer marketing is really as much about peer-to-peer influence as it is about megastars. Most of us still trust our circle of friends, family and colleagues more than anyone else.

 Traditional and emerging media are, and always will be important, but the wider opportunity is to also speak directly to audiences; to involve them, and as Bill Bernbach said more than half a century ago, to engage and entertain them. 

 We keep striving to ask ourselves the right questions and test the right answers as any innovative business should do.

 Thanks again to the Holmes Report and congratulations to everyone else nominated.