June 2, 2014

Unity discovers Central St Martins and Goldsmiths BA Design Degree Shows

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Last week one of us Unity types (me) stumbled across the Central St Martins Degree shows.  Stumbled being an accurate description, after two weddings on the trot, I was on my way to Caravan in Kings Cross for a Bloody Mary.  Mental stimulation was not on the cards – but that is what I got.

I picked up the Directory Manual on the way out of the CSM show: because it was canary yellow and because contained the contact details of the fabulous young people, whose work I’d wandered through (and in order to recall some for this bit of sharing too).

So – without any clumsy descriptions or evaluations from me (wholly inappropriate to do that) – I will just list a couple of people’s work to check out…

In the Directory were a couple of brilliant interviews and articles.  One of which was with Arthur Beale, of Housmans Book shop. I’ve been past this several times and had it pointed out to me before by the walking tour people Footprints of London.  It’s worth noting as it’s a ‘radical’ bookshop – started up by donations from the Peace Movement in in 1959 – and has been at the bottom of Caledonian Road all this time.  Arthur chats on about the changing face of Kings Cross of having the students near them now. It’s a lovely read.

The show’s finished up now, but the Directory will be on my desk for those inside or outside Unity HQ that fancy a nose themselves.

Katy and I also checked out Matter on Thursday. The Goldsmiths BA Design degree show. It was pretty mind blowing and encouraging to talk to a couple of them about their work and why and how they applying their talent to the issues that matter to them.   Absolutely loved De-Touring, an alternative walk around London from the perspective of the displaced or homeless – truly different but highly appropriate ethnographers.

A couple of other people we’ll be watching: Grace Henry, Jessica Torbell, Snna Rashid, Hanna Bould, Katinka Schaff and Daire Oh.

@MATTERshow is worth a follow on Twitter.

Posted by Davnet Doran June 2, 2014