May 27, 2016

Unity Culture Club: On Your Radar – 27.05.16

In the spirit of our first pick, this week we’re looking at how the ordinary can be elevated to the extraordinary due to the bias of perception. What these show is that context really is key.


One story that caught our attention yesterday was a prank played on visitors to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

By setting a pair of glasses on the floor of a gallery, the teenage trickster fooled spectators into thinking they were a piece of art. Inspired by wanting to test if visitors would admire and artistically interpret anything in a gallery setting, he proved that by changing an object’s environment, the ordinary can become ‘art’.

This attitude to the ordinary isn’t something new to the modern art industry, however it has playfully brought it to the public’s attention. Here, the glasses were elevated from being just a mundane, everyday object –through simple reinterpretation and context.

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Another story that has caught our attention is Class A Marketing – a new website that reinterprets text messages sent by drug dealers to show the advertising techniques they employ.

The project of a London art director, it analyses the unconventional and hilarious ways that dealers promote their products – from ambush marketing to brand partnerships. A clever way of looking at something as basic as text, showing how it can be interpreted as something else when put in a new context.

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This week, augmented reality turns the everyday into a playground, as renowned audiophile and inventor Yuri Suzuki has teamed up with Google combining a smartphone and pieces of paper, to transform anything into a musical instrument. Similar to a mogee, but more accessible, it’s a great reflection of the ‘do it yourself’ culture that’s being developed by tech, inspiring people to test the limits of their creativity.

Through simple tech, the familiar becomes something new – while also empowering people to explore and create.

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POND, a Hawaiian eatery in Dalston, usually plays host to London’s foodies and lovers of poke – traditional Hawaiian dish. This month however, it plays host to an entirely different production; Knife Edge, an immersive play about fear, food and family that begins with a murder and ends with a feast.

Theatre should never be ordinary, but holding this performance in the familiar restaurant setting enables the content to become more memorable.

 Created by The Big House, a production company that stages high profile productions featuring young performers who have have been in care, they are joined for this production by ‘Kidulthood’ star and BAFTA winner Adam Deacon.

WHERE? POND, Dalston
May 18 – June 12
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Speaking of experiencing spaces differently – this week we were delighted to open our doors and ears to Sofar Sounds to host a secret 2-night residency.

Transforming the way gigs are run and attended, Sofar Sounds are a global community of hosts, artists, and curated audiences creating intimate gigs across the world. Known for producing events in unusual spaces, they are a perfect example of how different environments can affect art.

Unity’s basement played host to the stunning work of Ayella, Waaju and Carnivals. See you at the next one…

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We’ll be honest for a moment here – this pick isn’t completely related to this week’s theme. But we had to share our latest awards news, and this one’s a biggie; as we’re delighted to have been awarded the Holmes Report Creative Agency of the Year title once again.

And as well as picking up nine IN2 Sabre Awards, we’re bringing home three EMEA Sabre Awards for UK Large Campaign (for a second year in a row), Community Relations, and Research & Planning – recognising our work for M&S and vInspired.

So, if you feel like altering your brand’s perceptions, might be time to give us a call…  

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