December 23, 2016

Unity Culture Club – On Your Radar 23.12.16

Quite the year. Even at its best, 2016 has been a trying year. With our weekly On Your Radar, we don’t like to dwell on the past, or the negative for that matter. We’d like to look to the future. As 2017, and a barrage of mince pies fast approaches, we’re focusing on what next year might have in store – through the lens of New Years Resolutions. What we want from the year to come, and how we’re going to achieve it.


At Unity we’re all about challenging ourselves and this doesn’t exclude physically. One of our new year ambitions is to gain the bod of a Victoria’s Secret Angel (because why not?!) so we’ve been looking at ways to keep in shape and how this can help us mentally. A new fitness craze taking The Big Apple by storm has caught our eye and it’s due to hit London early next year – hurrah! From the guys that brought us Zumba, STRONG combines HIIT, bodyweight and strength training for a gut-busting hour-long workout. Even superstar music producer Timbaland has gotten involved by producing many of the routine’s orginal tracks. Using reverse engineering technology, STRONG by Zumba participants smash through previously perceieved fitness limits with musical motivation. And hey, it also doesn’t hurt to look like Adrianna Lima right? Find out more here.


Another physical challenge – this year we want to run a marathon. As marathons require a lot of body endurance and practice, we’re returning to our previously featured friends app, ‘Run An Empire’, to help inspire us to keep taking the next step. The strength to keep going with regular exercise can sometimes be just as deflating as it’s supposed to be encouraging. Run an Empire keeps you on your active toes by making exercise a literal game. Your phone tracks your journey and you play against other runners to keep your regular running spots your turf. Find out more here.


When we take a break from all our physical activities, you’ll find us with a camera in hand. Creativity is our ultimate passion – finding new, creative ways to tackle projects that others wouldn’t. We could never improve upon this very fundamental aspect of Unity if we didn’t actively look for ways to push ourselves out of our comfort zone – for example, holding your own photography exhibit could help set achievable goals of both keeping momentum, and becoming slightly more selective and self-critical, helping become more decisive and confident overall. We’ve been looking at Swiss artist Maya Rochat’s ‘Give Me Space’ Peckham-based exhibit for inspiration, her first exhibit in the UK, where she has turned Seen Fifteen Gallery into a ‘living collage of printed and hand-painted images, video and sound’. Find out more here.


Just because December is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean the season of goodwill is too. So we want to take the feel-good vibes into January (and onwards), and help those less fortunate than ourselves. We’ve already been up to a bit of this, working with charity ActionAid on the Christmas campaign ‘Yours, Mrs Claus’, looking at all the hidden women this year, via the persona of Mrs Claus – a woman who has herself been hidden behind Santa’s shadow. Until now, that is. Celebrities such as Emma Thompson and Jo Brand have also taken part in the celebration of women across the globe this Christmas, writing about their Christmas traditions for the blog, and encouraging people to purchase one of ActionAid incredible gifts that make a difference, Gifts in Action. Find out more here.


And lastly, we want to take the time to travel just a wee bit more! Travelling allows us to experience different cultures and perceptions and gives us insights we otherwise might not have gained – but could come in super handy. It’s good to take yourself out of your comfort-zone every once in a while. We’ve been checking out Lithuanian illustrator Akvile Magicdust’s ‘Lucy The Confused Girl’, a series of sometimes whacky and weird adventures but also often frank and honest views on young adult life and growing up. Maybe it’s time you had a whacky and weird adventure too. Find out more here.

And that’s it from us at Unity, catch you later in 2017!