September 30, 2016

Unity Culture Club – On Your Radar 30.09.16

This week we say goodbye to one half of our editorial team as she embarks on a move to the Big Apple. It’s a big change for us and On Your Radar, but we’re dealing with it slowly. Watch this space for On Your Radar NYC…

Despite our editorial loss, we accept that change can be a good thing – something we’re exploring in this edition of On Your Radar.


Transforming and repurposing public spaces can change users’ perspectives, bringing inspiration to the everyday – which is why we particularly like Camille Walala’s latest project.

The graphic artist – known for her geometric designs across the capital – was was commissioned to create Colourful Crossing on Southwark Street by Better Bankside and Transport for London, who tasked her with reimagining the everyday experience of crossing the road.

This project is part of a wider art initiative in the area, which will measure the impact of a high-quality, engaging and artistic intervention on how the area is used by pedestrians and motorists.

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Using technology is an effective way to change our perspectives – a method most recently (and perhaps surprisingly) adopted by the United Nations. Last week, the UN’s General Assembly revealed a new plan to double the number of refugees allowed into its member nations and to increase aid. Meanwhile their first ever Creative Director, Gabo Arora (a self-proclaimed ‘unsuccessful filmmaker’), was introducing delegates to virtual reality.

VR has been well-documented as a more effective way to encourage feelings of empathy than other media, so by showing virtual reality films the intention is to bring delegates face to face with the issues and people they talk about, help to persuade members to take actions as a result – and eventually change how the 71-year-old institution makes decisions.

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The Tate Exchange opened this week; an annual programme that brings together international artists, partners and the public. The space allows people to collaborate and test ideas – leading to the discovery of new perspectives through art.

This year’s theme is ‘exchange’, curated by artist Tim Etchells and with one of the highlights being his project ‘Ten Purposes’. Free for all to explore, the piece provides visitors with a set of instructions that promise to animate and change the experience of the galleries and other people in new and different ways.

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Twenty years has gone by since the premiere of our next pick – a lot has changed in that stretch of time, but the themes in this play are still as relevant today as they were then.

Directed by Oliver Award-winning director Sean Holms, this is a rare staging of Shopping and F***ing, Mark Ravenhill’s provocative first play. One of the best texts from in-yer-face theatre, a style which shocks and confronts audiences as a means of involving and changing them, it’s a bold and darkly funny look at society.

Following three disconnected young adults whose lives have been reduced to a series of transactions in an emotionally shrink-wrapped world, it looks at the effects of living in a place ‘where Shopping is sexy and F***cking is a job’.

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After all that – some things don’t change. Turns out we STILL LOVE MR. OIZO! Yes, that nodding yellow puppet is back for 2016, but this time he appears for Ed Banger records with a new song. And a weird, morphing persona.

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