February 20, 2015

Unity Culture Club: On Your Radar – 20.02.15

Here’s your weekly co. mailer, featuring a host of handpicked recommendations from the left-field of London’s arts and culture world.

Lock down your aerials..:

Four writers read their own work for seven minutes or less, and are then judged by three all-star judges. Two finalists are then chosen to compete in the Literary Death Match finale – a new kind of literary game to decide the ultimate winner. Features some of the UK’s hottest young authors in a storytelling battle to the finish…

WHERE: Century Club, Soho
WHEN: February 24th
LINK: www.literarydeathmatch.com

Drawing upon our culture of excess, in every sense of the word, the show condenses the storytelling to a single day and night. All set during a modern carnival of contemporary art – this show covers themes of sex, satisfaction and loneliness as the action unfurls in a modern and hedonistic yet undetermined city. It’s the women who are the sexual predators, not the men. Set to a blaring, performative disco soundtrack, six characters have successive sexual encounters and the intimacy of their tactics pre and post coital are hilariously acted out in front of us. What results from these relentless tussles of traded favours is the pathos that exists beneath the willful vacuity of these lost souls.

WHERE: Vault Festival, Waterloo
WHEN: Wednesday February 25th onwards
LINK: www.vaultfestival.com

So, Unity loves a walking tour. Satisfy your curiosity with a walking tour of Dalston. You’ll see a different side to Hackney; discovering which real-life square inspired EastEnders’ Albert Square, learn why the Germans have their own Hackney hospital, and find out the truth behind which Royal Mistress lived in the neighbourhood.

WHERE: Around Hackney
WHEN: Saturday February 21st
LINK: www.walkhackney.co.uk

London’s breakfast rave is back! Watch the sunrise, enjoy the epic sound system, the massage stations and free-spirited dance – and all before breakfast too!

WHERE: Oval Space, Bethnal Green
WHEN: Wednesday February 25th
LINK: www.morninggloryville.com

What were you born to do? Who could you be if you lived without limitation? And what would you do if you had the opportunity to find out, once and for all? Hellscreen is a sensual, exciting and terrifying production fusing film, music, immersive design and theatre. Inspired by a classic Japanese horror story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, set in the contemporary London art world, and featuring film director Susan Luciani’s live action film sequences and animation, Hellscreen follows an artist, his daughter, and a collector on their descent into hellish greed and obsession. Starring performance artist Jonny Woo and pulling from true stories of lust and intrigue, Hellscreen is a sexy, fun and truly terrifying portrayal of the highs and lows of the artist’s drive to create.

WHERE: Vault Festival, Waterloo
WHEN: Wednesday February 25th onwards
LINK: www.vaultfestival.com