October 14, 2016

Unity Culture Club – On Your Radar 14.10.16

The importance of teamwork became apparent this week, as Tesco and Unilever fell out temporarily over pricing. However, like all good collaborators, they found a way past their differences for the benefit of everyone. We salute all those who work hard to do better work together.

Collaboration is everything here at Unity. We feel so strongly about it; it’s reflected in our name. We believe great work comes from new ideas, diversity and combinations you never thought of before. The more people you know, and can work with, the better the result. Perhaps the best thing about collaboration is making great friends and building a community.

So this week, we’d like to celebrate some past, present and future Unity collaborators.


One of our favourite design studios Common Works has gone live this week with a new Kickstarter campaign, Ding. The idea is wonderfully simple – a doorbell that connects to an app on your phone, so that when someone rings your doorbell and you’re out, you still get the notification. No more missed deliveries or forgotten visitors. Brilliant.

The project exemplifies collaboration, as to move from idea to product the inventors brought together a diverse group of talented engineers, technologists, developers, marketers and business advisors.

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Up and coming illustrator, Unity drinking buddy and branding wizz, John Randall, has been commissioned for his first magazine cover, with his art for the New Scientist on stands this week.

Following the Reddit celebrity of his ‘Swan & Mallard’ concept, the designer has drawn parallels between conical flasks and chimney stacks to illustrate ‘the reaction that will change the world’.

Pick up a copy now.

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This next pick showcases the importance of enduring friendship and teamwork (as well as being a blatant plug), as present and former Unity girls get together to host their second pun-tastic pop-up.

Margaritas is a killer combo of tequila and pizza; aka Margaritas and Margheritas. In fact, that’s all they serve. Their next pop-up (on Friday November 11th) is in a 1930’s-styled pie shop in Angel, where jellied eels and pastry will be replaced by limes and pizza pies.

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Talking of women under the influence…

One of Unity’s favourite filmmakers – and director of music videos for Florence and the Machine – Tabitha Denholm has helped launch a new project to support women in film.

Women Under the Influence is a new screening party dedicated to the work of female directors. The first event is happening Oct 27th – follow their Instagram for more details.

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Long term Unity collaborators – and designers of our own office – Jump Studios have been tasked to deliver Google’s sixth co-working Campus in, based in Madrid.

As well as the usual flexible co-working spaces synonymous with Google, the building will also celebrate Spanish creativity designs, as each meeting room has a colour palette inspired by famous Spanish artists including Picasso and Joaquín Sorolla y Bastid.

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Proof that teamwork pays off, all of this collaborating has put Unity in good stead as next week we head to the PR Week Awards with 10 nominations under our belt, including Agency of the Year. Should we be lucky on the night,  we’ll be mentioning those people who worked hard to help get us there – not least our brilliant clients. Thank you.

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