September 2, 2016

Unity Culture Club: On Your Radar – 02.09.16

Pastiche TV is the trend – we’re in the throes of a ’return and reinterpret’ culture. Nostalgic supernatural thriller Stranger Things, with its mesmeric typography and styling of films of the 80s, has quickly become the third most-watched show on Netflix of all-time. So successful in fact, that Netflix is commissioning a second series of the show to be released in 2017 – just weeks after its debut.

Over on this side of the pond, we’re in for new instalments of modern British classic, Bake Off, which is now in its second week of rehashed soggy bottom jokes. Glitter bomb Strictly returns this Saturday in a camp blaze of glory, complete with the unexpected figure of Ed Balls, the former Shadow Home Secretary.

At Unity we enjoy an old favourite, but this week’s On Your Radar brain sorbet offers up a choice selection of fresh cuts – the weird and wonderful new things set for reinterpretation in years to come – and dare we say it, the even stranger things being created out there by curious minds.


If you think of yourself as an unfulfilled writer, then magCulture is the place for you. A treasure trove of fanzines, quarterlies, bi-annuals and beautifully designed magazines, the space plays home to enthusiasts of every subject.

The space is well worth a visit. More so than ever with their magCulture meets… series of events held in-store on St. John Street, with discussions and presentations from the leading lights in publishing. The upcoming session is held by renowned design writer, Angharad Lewis, who will be introducing her new book ‘So You Want to Publish a Magazine?’

Whether your passion lies in clay pigeon shooting, cacti or synth machines, this talk is for potential publishers out there, however niche their passion.

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This month our friends at Odelay Films are blessing Londoners with a wonderfully bizarre religious tale, with the premiere of award-winning film production – Evil’s Evil Cousin.

In a completely original, if slightly fruity, storyline under Richard Hunter’s direction, the surreal scenes describe the story of Pastor Bob’s struggle with religion, and facing his demons through flatulence and food fights. 

The trailer is available here, and if you’d like to attend the September 19th screening (19:30 – 20:30 @ BAFTA, W1J 9LN) then please RSVP to Prudence Beecroft:


We’re firm believers that experiencing and consuming art in all its forms feeds the soul, especially art that forces you to challenge your own perceptions. As such, Anthony Gormley’s latest Bermondsey-based exhibition at White Cube Gallery, Fit, is firmly on our list.

Gormley has transformed the gallery into 15 chambers, creating a labyrinthine experience, guiding visitors through unique space and passages – each one challenging or qualifying the experience of the last. Gormley’s intention is to create a show that ‘releases us from any expectations of what sculpture is and how it might act on us’, which is sure to inspire. 

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Constantly transforming and changing her craft, Bjork can be viewed as one of the twentieth century’s most iconic innovators. And her latest work – Bjork Digital –  continues to push boundaries.

Showing now at Somerset House, the immersive spectacle incorporates film, performance and music. At its heart are four full 360-degree virtual reality (VR) films, each around a song from her critically acclaimed 2015 album Vulnicura. If they are anything like her music, the intimate films will likely be a personal insight into her uniquely brilliant mind – a learning experience for those who want to open their own. 

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What do you imagine for the year 2026? Answers on a postcard please. 

Posed in a time of uncertainty – post-Brexit and seemingly pro-Trump – it can be a scary thought. Future Assembly is looking to bring a positive voice to the post-referendum debate, and has assembled two disparate groups for a public workshop. Teenagers and the over-60s are set to discuss and co-create a vision of the future for the UK.

We salute their inter-generational approach.

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Simon Cowell watch your back, we’re on the hunt for fresh new music talent here at Unity HQ. Alongside our client, Aloft Hotels, a part of the Starwood Group, we’re launching a socially-led campaign, looking to leverage London’s status as the cultural capital of music in a way that connects ‘real’ musicians with a truly credible global opportunity. We’ll be working with music industry insiders to give budding artists a chance to shine. If you’d like to get involved, watch this space!