November 27, 2015

Unity Culture Club: On Your Radar – 27.11.15

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Friends of Unity and two of the smartest digital minds we know, Ben Barker and Sam Hill, have started a crowdfunding initiative to raise capital for their new strategy game, Run An Empire.

The game, for mobile phones, is described as “Strava for the Game of Thrones crowd” and is based in the real world.

Players compete with others to own the most territory, by physically running around it. Run An Empire has already been a big success, with more than 6,000 runs logged across five continents. So far, there’s been more than 40 investors from Crowdcube, so this looks like one to watch.

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Launched this November at the Exhibitionist Hotel and curated by Luciana Garbarni, Pleasures of the Gaze is now on display to satisfy even the most curious of visitors.

This boutique hotel, located in South Kensington, has previously housed works by the likes of Banksy, Damien Hirst, Le Gun and Sir Peter Blake. Over the summer, the hotel has seen a rise in contemporary art profiles under the careful eye of in-house curator Vestalia Chilton.

This new exhibition questions what keeps us going, whether it’s just plain voyeurism or if every double-take relates to an aspect rooted a little more introspectively. The outcome is to leave all present with a sense of anticipation, both entrapping and emancipating spectators.

WHERE? The Exhibitionist Hotel, 8-10 Queensberry Place, South Kensington
WHEN? From November 26th
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This new theatrical tapestry weaves music, humor and movement through interviews with politicians and people living with the threat of eviction.

What happens to a vibrant community when faced with rising rents, evictions or demolition of their homes? The title of this fast-paced production is a quote from film director Spike Lee on New York – gentrification is a global issue.

“Whether you’re green, you’re black, you’re white, we are together. We laugh together. But now I gotta leave. Where will I go?” ~ Stella, from Brixton Arches.

Written by journalist and award-winning writer Elisabeth Winkler, and directed by Lucy Curtis, the play is a collaborative production by Changing Face Collective. Based in the center of Brixton, the collective first came together in response to the 2011 Tottenham and Brixton riots.

WHERE? Southwark Playhouse, 77-85 Newington Causeway
WHEN? November 25th-28th
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A chance to play with light, music, shadows, puppets and friends in the quiet tidal creeks and urban corners of London.

This free event is suitable for all ages and celebrates light, community and energy. It’s a ground-breaking project over four different locations, where you can expect interactive installations, live performances, a cozy bar and excellent tunes to keep your toes tapping.

The project is part of the Brick Box’s Interchange series, which seeks to foster cultural exchange between London and Bradford.

WHERE? A13 Underpass, East London, E16 1EQ
WHEN? Saturday November 28th, 6-11pm
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This is a show with a difference – a dark and delicious blend of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and other familiar fairytales.

Into The Woods – which was recently made into a film – is a tale of each one’s journey into the woods, a magical place where wishes are granted. But what happens when those wishes come true? Is it always happily ever after?

All becomes clear in this remarkable new piece of storytelling. It is full of fantastic songs, fascinating insights and great characters. A dissection of modern values, and expectations of what a fairytale should be.

WHERE? Royal Exchange Theatre, Central Manchester
WHEN? December 4th – January 16th 2016.
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Contemporary art enthusiasts and the most curious of shoppers will find plenty of gems at this fair showcasing some of Islington’s finest creative talents. It’s brilliant to see so much talent close to our Clerkenwell office, and this fair is a fantastic chance to buy directly from the makers.

More than 200 artists will exhibit and sell their artwork, with each weekend focusing on a different set of skills. We’re particularly excited about the fashion, textiles, jewelry, accessories, furniture, ceramics and glass – all being showcased this week.

WHERE? The Print Space Gallery, 74 Kingsland Road, Dalston, London
WHEN? November 28th-29th
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