October 9, 2015

Unity Culture Club: On Your Radar – 09.10.15

Here’s your weekly co. mailer, featuring a host of handpicked recommendations from the left-field of London’s arts and culture world.

Lock down your aerials…


We’re dusting off our smiley face t-shirts to celebrate our favourite Seattle singer’s posthumous album, Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings, released next month.

As a taster, the first single, Sappy, came out this week. This version of the sad, aching melody, written in 1987, is as lo-fi as it can get – it was recorded by Kurt Cobain at home on a tape recorder.

The album of acoustic performances, taped between 1986 and 1994, is only going to rekindle our lost Kurt love. Give it a listen and be transported back in time.

WHERE? Worldwide

WHEN? April 14th to 16th

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2. 30 EGGS, ON RADIO 4

We’re big Radio 4 fans, and have especially loved the radio drama adaptation of 30 Eggs which has been broadcast every day this week.

Written by Irish screenwriter Eoin O’Connor, this depiction of friendship between Modeste, a cynical, enfeebled blind man and Innocent, a cheeky seven-year-old street orphan as they journey through Rwanda is simply brilliant.

With thirty eggs as currency, they pay their way from a troubled past to a future of hope. Have a listen and feel yourself transported to the land of a thousand hills.

WHERE? On Radio 4 Extra

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Mercury award-nominated Kate Tempest, one of our very favourite South London storytellers, features in a new exhibition exploring the craft of songwriting through interviews and photography.

A Portrait of British Songwriting, created by Wolf & Diva and Domino Publishing, also stars Jon Hopkins, New Build, Steve Mason and Bill Ryder Jones.

With interviews by Rachael Castell and photographs by Rachel King, the artists chat about creative influences, the cultural impact of music on film and media and debate the concept of what makes a song.

WHERE? Sonos Studio, Club Row, Shoreditch

WHEN? Until October 25th

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The city of Hull is about to undergo a facelift, ahead of the UK City of Culture celebrations in 2017. For now, those seeking a culture fix can head to the Hull International Photo Festival, the largest the city has ever seen.

With photographs ranging from Iggy Pop and Olympic gymnast Louis Smith to miners in the 1960s, there are more than 500 images from leading photographers across the 16 exhibitions.

Brussels-based photographer Frieke Janssens’s work in the Dianas exhibition shows different women on the hunt for mates, while John Bulmer exhibits striking images from Northern Britain in the 1960s and 70s.

WHERE? Around Hull, East Yorkshire

WHEN? Until October 30th

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Our Clerkenwell neighbours are looking at what is left of us when we shuffle off this mortal coil, from bodies and belongings to memories and mementos.

See work from textile artist Emily Jo Gibbs, jewellery designer Andrew English, illustrator Mercedes Leon and other local artists. The exhibition, which is curated by design consultant Charlene Lam who runs the Creative Clerkenwell blog, may just leave us all questioning what will remain of us.

WHERE? Craft Central Showcase, 33 – 35 St John’s Square, London EC1M 4DS
WHEN? October 20th to 25th

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Our Direct Line #DirectFix team, who spend their time travelling the country fixing everyday crises, were making the people of Birmingham very happy this week.

As they listened out on Twitter for calamities across the city, they came to the rescue of those caught in need – replacing a wet outfit for one Midlander in time for a meeting, delivering a cat mat to prevent dirty cat paws and helping one person train for the Birmingham Half Marathon.

Thank you Birmingham for showing your appreciation to the DirectFix team…and in weeks to come, look out for the red boiler suit family fixing everyday problems near you.

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