March 22, 2019

Unity Basement Sessions XX October! Collective – Body As Home

This week at Unity HQ, we opened our vault to an esteemed group of artists who really deserve the moniker ‘disruptors’. The group, October! Collective, are accustomed to having hundreds of pairs of eyes on their most private affairs.

The group invited a host of media and influencers to our offices to showcase their latest artwork, a flagship exhibition to launch the illustrious Giudecca Art District in Venice in May. The exhibition follows a journey of self-discovery, identity, migration and a search for the meaning of home.

The three-channel film, ‘Body as Home’, which was launched at the event, explores body positivity, self-love and an overarching embracement of all things human. For an agency that prides ourselves on increasing human happiness, we couldn’t wait to expand our understanding of issues so integral to our wellbeing.


A host of exquisitely-dressed attendees were greeted with a sensual smorgasbord, a violinist complementing a kaleidoscopic production of the female form, and a fully adorned brass-band drummer to announce speakers flown in especially from New York, Venice and Poland.

Body As Home’s creator; Aleksandra Karpowicz introduced the Biennale’s London leg with her inspiring depiction of her ongoing fight for women’s rights in her home nation.

Having recently monitored the many initiatives launched for International Women’s Day, we were so pleased to welcome an association that challenges inequality and champions the positive influence women can have on each other, as well as men, every day of the year.

From Body as Home (via October! Collective)

At Unity, we believe designated days are a great way to expose societal issues, but for others like ourselves; committed to undertaking ongoing and lasting change, it is listening and learning from passionate groups like the October! Collective that ensure we bring an integrity and consciousness to all our communications.

We were delighted to open up our office to such a brilliant event, and will be watching the group’s progress ahead of the Giudecca Art District’s opening in May.