August 8, 2014

Unity attends…

An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition

“A display of things that touch upon human experiences and concerns. Real, tangible objects tell us about the fleeting and ungraspable stuff of life from a multitude of perspectives.”

To do what we do (and do it well), it’s key we keep up to date with London’s happening art and culture scene. Therefore by starting up our Unity Field Trip scheme, we get a chance to visit the best exhibitions and workshops in the capital. We surround ourselves in great works by creative geniuses… all of which inspire and provoke our thinking when it comes to campaign creation.

The ‘Indiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition’ exhibition, which is running until October 12th at the Wellcome Collection in Euston, provided us with just that. The Wellcome Collection is a free venue that holds a mix of galleries and events aimed at exploring the connection between medicine, life and art. With this exhibition, it explores the human condition using insights into the how we make sense our place in the world and how we understand our bodies.

You are asked to both “consider” and “contribute” using a display of both historical artifacts and real-time or social media interaction. Each letter of the alphabet introduces a theme: for example ‘Y’ for Yawning included a photograph of a sculpture by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt called ‘The Yawner’, which was part of a series sought to depict all human emotions and moods, and a challenge to share your own images of facial expressions on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #HumanExpression.

Two things that stood out about the exhibition were:

1)   It forces you to tap into your own emotions, exposing your beliefs and both subconscious and conscious instincts. For example, ‘F’, which asked you to write your biggest fear on a piece of paper and then throw it in a bin. It can be said that PR strives to do the same, targeting people’s emotions and exposing their desires and needs through the brand.

2)   The way in which it connects the past, present and future through the combination of historical artifacts, real-time interaction and technology. This represents a unique form of communication and storytelling. 

Exhibitions at Wellcome Collection

183 Euston Road, London NW1

We hope these traces of other lives will inspire you to leave some of your own.”


A: Acts of faith

B: Birthdays

C: Chemical life support

D: Delight

E: Enlightenment

F: Fears

G: Grief

H: Heredity

I: Individuality

J: Journeys

K: Keeping up appearances

L: Learning

M: Music

N: Natural curiosity

O: Obsolete knowledge

P: Philosophy

Q: Quarantine

R: Resourcefulness

S: Skin art

T: Tale-telling

U: Urban living

V: Voice

W: War

X: X-rated

Y: Yawning

Z: Zoonoses









Overall, the exhibition was really interesting and was something Sophie and I really enjoyed as we had never done anything like it before and both found it to be very thought provoking. We encourage everyone to go along and check it out for themselves.


Emma and Sophie