August 2, 2019

Unity launch campaign celebrating our everyday heroes with Katie Piper, The Bluetits and AXA PPP healthcare

Earlier this year, Katie Piper joined The Bluetits, a group of female-only cold water swimmers, in Wales to show appreciation for the people that stand by and support others through challenging times as part of AXA PPP healthcare’s new #InMyCorner campaign, which was devised by Unity. The pictures taken and press release shone a deserving spotlight on those individuals who stand by our side through thick and thin.

Katie Piper said: “The Bluetits are an incredible group. Whilst I was anxious about taking the plunge, the support and encouragement they gave me was brilliant and really showed me the spirit of who they are – a group of women who stand by each other.

Eugene Farrell, Mental Health Lead at AXA PPP healthcare, said: “Someone who is in our corner can take many different forms. They don’t have to be physically near us, but it’s that person who can help explain the silly things we don’t understand, encourage us when we don’t have courage, push you when you want to give up and challenge us by asking that difficult question.

Most of all, they’re that person you trust and respect who supports you not only when you need it but when you don’t even realise you do. It is this that made us, at AXA PPP healthcare, want to celebrate and champion those crucial people in all our lives, showing true appreciation for our everyday heroes.”