March 17, 2017

My Trip to the I, by Hannah Stimpson, age 13


We start ‘em young at Unity!  This week, our MD Davnet’s niece came to do a work experience day. It started with going to a news conference, thanks to Oliver Duff and the brilliant team at the i.   Read on to see our world from the eyes of a 13 year old…

On Monday 13th March, Dav and I visited Northcliffe House in Kensington, and attended a news conference for the i. The objective of the meeting was to highlight what stories could be possible articles in Tuesday 14th’s paper.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Denise, who was Oly’s P.A. (Oly is the Head Editor of the i). She showed us into the office where about a dozen journalists were avidly typing away, creating their lists and articles for the day ahead.

We were then introduced to Lewis, who was a great help throughout the day, and went into the meeting room. There were about 10 people (including us) sitting around a round table. Everyone in the room, with the exception of Oly, had created a list of potential articles that they think the public would like to read, which would then be projected onto a screen at the front of the room.

Each journalist had chosen ten to fifteen or so stories, each based on a certain genre (EG: business, arts, entertainment, pictures, etc).  If a story seemed suitable; it would be followed by one or two of the following words. Splash-Front Page, Lead- main story on a page, Basement-The base/bottom of page, Wing-Top corner/down the side and clear-A page without adverts.

The meeting lasted around twenty-thirty minutes, and Lewis then kindly answered all of our questions over a coffee and a hot chocolate.