December 10, 2014

REMIX SUMMIT: Unity’s work showcased at the intersection of culture, technology & entrepreneurship

Last week, the REMIX LDN summit returned to London to explore action, conversation and debate the intersection of culture, technology and entrepreneurship.

The summit was attended by hundreds of the world’s brightest minds from across the arts, communications and tech. It tackled the big ideas shaping our futures – and Unity’s co-founder Gerry Hopkinson was among those invited along to share his wisdom.

Started in 2012, the REMIX Summits now take place four times a year in London, New York, Sydney and it’s soon coming to Dubai. This year – as well as Unity’s Gerry – the line-up featured Sir Nicholas Kenyon (The Barbican Centre), Fabien Riggall (Future Shorts & Secret Cinema), Alex Poots (Manchester International Festival) and many more.

The challenge for REMIX LDN..? To speak honestly and openly about the challenges faced by the cultural industries. Nicholas Kenyon spoke in detail about the Barbican’s idea of a Digital Revolution, as reviewed by Unity’s Paul Drury here.

Nicholas Kenyon introduced the Barbican Centre’s Fish Island Labs, which are “inspired by tech incubators rather than traditional forms of art education”. An amazing new space in Hackney Wick we’re definitely checking out soon.

Gerry Hopkinson was speaking on the Wednesday morning, at Google’s flagship office close to Tottenham Court Road. He showcased our multi-award winning Fuel Cell Farm work for Hyundai.

Unity were tasked with showcasing the new ix35 Fuel Cell Technology in October 2013, a sustainable type of motoring that produces only clear water. To do this, we teamed Hyundai up with London design practice Something & Son to create a world-first: a working farm that produced only clean water as its output.

This was presented under the umbrella of The Art Of Collaboration. Fittingly, much of the project’s successes were anchored in its strategic partnerships. With The Design Museum (as host), with Wired (as media partner), with The Daily Telegraph (as content partner), and with City Hall (as part of our stakeholder engagement programme).

Gerry Hopkinson told the Summit: “Although we were hugely proud of the installation, the images and video – this campaign wasn’t about creating content. It was instead about creating context. This gave it real tangibility, and made complex technology easy to understand, made it culturally relevant and was a true spectacle.”

Another highlight of the Wednesday at REMIX was the inspiring story behind Mogees. The summit heard from the company president Bruno Zamborlin. He told the true story of the Kickstarter success of his start-up – a novel new technology that turns physical objects into unique musical instruments by converting the vibrations we make when we touch them.

Other highlights from the Wednesday included inspiring projects from Channel 4’s multiplatform commissioner Adam Gee, Sky Arts’ Phil Edgar Jones and from The Red Bull Music Academy. We were really impressed with the work the Red Bull Academy is doing with grassroots culture creative industries across the world.

The Unity team came away from REMIX LDN feeling really inspired by creative entrepreneurship – seeing the power in our toolboxes to create campaigns that really matter to people. An awesome couple of days.