January 20, 2014

Police Story

Let’s face it; ‘Selfies’ are officially big news (no pun intended).

Not only was the term for taking a picture of oneself and posting it online deemed international ‘Word of the Year‘ by Oxford Dictionaries in 2013 even world leaders have been papped snapping pics of themselves to great criticism at the late great Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

But this narcissistic form of photography can also be used for good – as a group of students in collaboration with the Tyler Robinson Foundation has maximised, with a fundraising venture called ‘The Selfie Police

With the strap line ‘You Owe Humanity a Dollar’, The Selfie Police encourages vain snappers to donate $1 for every selfie they take – and calling on friends of serial snappers to ‘out’ these culprits as the most wanted, with the hashtag #selfiepolice. Via PayPal, one-hundred percent of funds raised by the #selfiepolice will be contributed to Vittana, an organisation dedicated to fighting world poverty by providing student loans to college aged kids in third world countries.

It’s not necessarily new to raise money via social media, but we love this innovative method of capitalising on a trend for raising money. By asking people to reassess what’s important, and offset their vain habits with a good deed – simultaneously raising money for education in the places that need it the most.

Here at Unity we’re always looking for the next best thing, so let us know – what other social media trends could be used to raise money for a good cause?