June 4, 2015

Unity Culture Club: On Your Radar – 05.06.15

Here’s your weekly co. mailer, featuring a host of handpicked recommendations from the left-field of London’s arts and culture world.

Lock down your aerials…


The hugely successful ‘Return of the Rudeboy’ exhibition last year explored the swagger and significance of the 21st century British Rudeboy, and now the creators are bringing this sartorial subculture back to life in a new coffee table book and salon.

The book will be launched at the specially curated Rudeboy Salon, created in collaboration with British electronics brand, Goodmans. The Rudeboy Salon, will also be home to the newly designed Goodmans art installation by Rudeboy artist Andrew Ibi. The Salon will give an insight into the world of the 21st century Rudeboy with photographs, screenings, a panel discussion and live DJs.

Aside from supporting the creation of the coffee table book of photographs of over 60 sharply dressed individuals from across the UK, another unique aspect of the event will be the unveiling of the “Return of the Rudeboy x Goodmans Sound Installation”. The Artist has created the art and sound installation made of an impressive stack 90 Goodmans heritage radios, designed and appropriated with his distinctive hand-drawn artwork. The imposing tower will also play a soundtrack of tunes and spoken dialogue that capture the sound and soul of this urban group.

WHERE? Somerset House
WHEN? June 13th to August 25th

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Laying bare the creative process, acclaimed sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green is opening a Mayfair gallery as his own working studio space for a very special showcase of his work.

Audiences will see the artist’s journey; from conception, through modelling, casting and patination – showing how an inspiring artist really works.

Nic is well loved for “Horse at Water” sculpture at Marble Arch, which has become a much admired London Landmark. He is preparing for a buys year, as monumental works are being installed in Russia, America, the Middle East, Australia and works and beyond.

WHERE? Bruton Place, Mayfair
WHEN? June 10th to July 31st

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It’s a look that will be familiar to anyone born in the early eighties – the unmistakable Tie Dye style is making a comeback. The team from the Queen of Hoxton and the brand Tie Dye High Five are bringing back the customisation, with their summer rooftop carnival sessions.

The ticket price includes a drink to get you feeling those colours, a tropical t-shirt and all the tie-dye colours you could ever possibly need. But you do need to bring your own white T-shirt!

The question is, what’s your tie dye style? This is a chance to make your own mark..

WHERE? The Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch
WHEN? Saturday June 6th

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Over the past few years Tottenham has seen something a frenzy of creative happenings and arts openings. Now, the brand new opening of a conceptual arts bar and garden called Styx will add even more creativity to the area.

Repurposed from a disused ambulance repair unit, Styx is a venue for local creatives – boasting a Venetian Oasis garden, a well-stocked bar, and some of North London’s most eccentric artists.

The bar is a part of 5 Ashley Road, a new international theatre residency program put together be The Mill Co Project and RIFT theatre – and officially launches on June 11th.

WHERE? Ashley Road, Tottenham
WHEN? June 11th onwards

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You know how easy it is to search for photos on Google Images? Well now can revel in that seamless service being offered up with ‘Photos’ – a cloud-based storage service offering up 15GB of free space.

Since Apple dropped their own Photos for iOS, Mac and the Web app, Google have gone all out with its own. Promising that bit more, not only will the service provide the ability to organise the photographic chaos with the added bonus of being able to quickly find images with text searches, you can toggle between desktop and smart device use while also making the most of its clever editing and sharing features.

The thing that really hits the spot though, is a feature called ‘Assistant’ – it automatically identifies similar clusters of shots, turning them into GIFs, collages or short interactive stories.
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Finally, it was an incredibly successful week for Unity, with two wins at the big CIPR Excellence awards ceremony in London on Wednesday night.

The Unity team secured two major awards, both for our work on the #FollowTheFairies campaign for M&S.

We’re massively proud of our work on this campaign; which saw us building a transmedia storyworld around two mysterious fairies called Magic and Sparkle – the fairies delivering beautiful moments of love around the United Kingdom. It saw us give a classroom of Cornish schoolchildren their first ever snow day, fly drones over the skies of Newcastle and producing a truly groundbreaking communications campaign.

Unity won the Best Use Of Digital and Best Use Of Media Relations on Wednesday, making the CIPR Excellence Awards a night we’ll never forget.
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