May 2, 2017

NO SPOILERS, by Davnet Doran


The National Theatre is currently showing Tony Kushner’s Angels in America.  This write up isn’t actually about the show.  It’s about the joy of experiencing something with absolutely no idea of what the theme, content, star ratings or accolades are.

It’s hard to do but worth every bit of effort.


I saw Part One: Millennium Approaches on Friday night and Part Two: Perestroika is tonight.  A great friend bought the tickets a few weeks ago and offered me the spare.  I knew three words Angels, In and America.  And that was it. Nothing about the original Broadway run, the HBO series, the reviews or the star studded cast…


And it was phenomenally good.  All the more sweeter for having zero expectations about what was to come.  Part One was three hours long with a short interval and it was riveting. The characters are brilliantly conceived, the multiple storylines are complex but fathomable, the set design – wonderfully simple.

The entire event was an emotional rollercoaster and delivered what theatre is meant to – a unique and unforgettable live experience.


Part One is a tough act to follow now the bar is raised and I’ve set myself up for disappointment tonight!  Scenes from the play came back to me all weekend and I will do everything to remember the pleasure of it being entirely new and look to repeat with future ticket buying, book reading, TV watching.  All that remains to say is get your hands on a ticket (or pair) for Angels in America if you can.  And bring the tissues.