January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

With 2014 resolutions on our mind, Unity’s blog is focusing on the most positive of PR ideas for brands – ones that encourage, and have the best intentions. Say it with us now in the great words of Auld Lang Syne;

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne…”

And here at Unity we love an idea for a brand that caters to people’s needs – a problem-solver as well as a coverage-driver. So here’s one recently noticed from over the pond – Brooklyn’s hipster-filled Bushwick neighbourhood to be exact.

The market for fixing a fixie might seem saturated in a 24-hour city that is known for its love of cycling, but not for Bike Stock’s founder, who found himself stranded with a flat tyre on Brooklyn Bridge – and not a bike shop in sight. The demand from cyclists had exceeded supply…

So what did he do? Decided to install a vending machine (a Unity fave) for bike parts next to the metro stop, offering essentials like inner tubes, tools, locally sourced food & drink, even ponchos to weary cyclists, who might only have a cent or two left in their pockets.

The simplest stunts are often the best, and his vending machine has been so successful that they are set to install two more in locations across the city – so that a cyclist is never left without his (or her!) essentials…


Now no-one likes to dwell on negative issues over the festive period – but it’s often important to raise issues that need addressing. So over Christmas Unity helped Netmums release their in-depth report to press, to reveal and highlight the true toll of parents’ separation on their children.

The report showed that over three quarters (77 per cent) of divorcing couples believe their children coped well with their separation, but less than a fifth (18 per cent) of children are happy their parents are no longer together – showing that British parents have little idea of the effects that their divorce has on their children.

By releasing ahead of the busiest day for filing divorce – Monday 6th Jan, (dubbed D-day by lawyers) the report had widespread coverage appearing in heavyweight titles The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and online equivalents – as well as features on Sky’s Sunrise programme and This Morning. All pieces were in-depth, but focusing on the positive aspects of the report – by acknowledging the fact that adults were in some cases unaware of the effects on their children, it raised awareness, encouraging separating families to talk and acknowledge children’s emotions, and increase the third of youngsters who eventually felt they ‘coped well’ with the split. In the words of Siobhan Freegard, Netmums co-founder, recently awarded an OBE for her work with Netmums;

“So instead of D Day, this year lets have T day and talk to our children about their emotional needs, if your relationship is in danger of breaking down.”


On that note, “onwards and upwards” say all at Unity – and bring on a Unity-ed 2014!