April 27, 2015

Field Trip: The Other Art Fair

Over the weekend, The Other Art Fair happened in Holborn. “Discoverer, Champion of artists, Maverick” as they describe themselves. It’s fitting.

This being the 8th edition of the fair, it showcased 130 artists from 14 countries and in just four years, TOAF, has become a hotly anticipated event in the arts world calendar.

I love attractive beautiful things as much the next person, but am no expert. What was great about the hour or two on Saturday was the incredible lack of pretension, a wonderful celebration of the work and the talent who were all there (on the whole) to chat about the pieces.

So for what it’s worth, I’ll throw a few names out here, and we’ll see if they are the future Grayson Perrys, Tracey Emins or Gavin Turks.

Fran Giffard – hand drawn birds to make you want to fly away

Olly Fathers – paintings and installations to mess with your perceptions

Tommy Clarke – aerial photography you want to dive into

Jo Beattie – beautiful embroidery capturing memories of childhood

Ada Ooi – still photography of extreme dance movement

Orson Kartt – very funny pieces that deserve more than a cursory glance and that then deliver big belly laughs

Dan Hillier – mind bogglingly detailed prints and ink drawing

And finally Archie Proudfoot – a sign writer by trade, Archie was selling gold leaf hand created gorgeousness on glass

Regardless of whether they do or do not get worldwide recognition, they were appreciated at The Other Art Fair this weekend. Such incredible talent, and witnessing passions being pursued was inspiring.


Words – Davnet Doran