September 26, 2014

CULTURE CLUB: On Your Radar 26.09.14

Here’s your weekly co. mailer, featuring a host of handpicked recommendations from the left-field of London’s arts and culture world. Lock down your aerials..:



I mean, who doesn’t love Lego? True story – when I was younger and not much smaller, I used to build hotels with my Lego, where my little Lego people would stay and pay me. No, I didn’t make very much money. Anyway, back to the point – there’s an exhibition this weekend by former Wall Street trader-turned artist Nathan Sawaya, which has used over a million pieces of Lego to create eighty inspiring works of art. Instead of stocks and shares, Nathan creates inspiring works of art through “unlikely things”, with his goal being to “elevate the ordinary”. I hope he’s not implying that Lego is ordinary…

WHEN/WHERE: The Old Truman Brewery, now until Jan 2015




Guess who picked this one? Yep, you guessed right. Although resident fan of skin ink Mr. Tyler Peters is not the only person who will be rocking up to the annual tattoo convention this year – it turns out that an estimated one in three Brits has gone under the tattoo artist’s gun, and an expected 20,000 people will be attending the convention this year. It’s set to be a pretty eye-opening (or should that be eye-watering) event, as live inkings will be taking place from highly respected and famed tattoo artists from shows Miami Ink and London Ink, displaying their skills with live art shows on willing volunteers. If you don’t fancy taking the plunge yourself, then you can get your tat-fix at home with some entirely clinical and non-invasive watching of Tattoo Twists , part of Channel 4’s ‘Shorts’, a series of short films focusing on the idea of remembering moments with a permanent piece of art – on your skin.

– WHEN/WHERE: Tobacco Docks, this weekend



Did you know that Austria, land of the Lederhosen, also has beatboxing? They’ve come a long way since the Von Trapps, haven’t they? Anyway, Austrian beatboxing champion Sizzle (of course), features on the line-up of Saturday afternoon’s entertainment section of the Beatboxing Championships. In the morning event, the cream of the UK’s beatboxing crop will battle it out in front of an audience to see who will be crowned the UK’s best rap and beatboxing talent – to much-hyped acclaim in the music world, as former winners include the likes of hugely popular Beardyman.

WHEN/WHERE: Brixton JAMM, Brixton




Showing that flyering does actually work, this pick is a last-minute addition due to a leaflet that came through Unity’s door this morning. Whitechapel Gallery in collaboration with Time Out are taking over the art galleries of East London on the First Thursday of every month, coming together to run free events, exhibitions, talks, workshops, and private views during a special late opening. Punters can explore artists studios, and spaces using the map which is now handily in our office, but also available on this crazy new thing they call the World Wide Web.

– WHEN/WHERE: Various East London venues, first Thursday of every month




Nick Cave’s having some issues with his mortality, clearly. Not only is 20,000 Days on earth showing in cinemas – which is basically a drama-docu about 24 hours in Nick Cave’s life, inspired by a calculation he working out his time on earth, but there’s also this photography exhibition. The artistically shot portraits document elements of his particularly extravagant life, so we should probably all go– especially as it ends this weekend.

WHEN/WHERE: Somerset House, ends Sunday 28th