September 12, 2014

CULTURE CLUB: On Your Radar 12.09.14

Here’s your weekly co. mailer, featuring a host of handpicked recommendations from the left-field of London’s arts and culture world.
Lock down your aerials..:

1. SAFE WORD Anyone remember that TV show on Nickelodeon ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ It was awesome, wasn’t it? Unfortunately this isn’t about that show, but if you like weird stuff in the dark, then you’ll probably like tonight’s experimental performance from theatre company Fye & Foal. Called ‘Safe Word’, almost the entire show is executed in pitch black to immerse the audience’s consciousness fully in the story about pleasure, violence, ambition and (randomly) a very tasty dish. The idea is within the pitch black, the audience’s imagination will go further than the performers can control. In the meantime, if you fancy watching mild horror rather than being immersed in it, take a look at this:

WHEN/WHERE: Tonight, The Pleasance Theatre, Islington (Caledonian Road)



2. BLISTERS SHOW AT PRINT CLUB This one comes highly, highly recommended by an esteemed colleague (I think her exact words were “it’s gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!”), so if you’re free tonight you’d be mad to miss the annual music and screen printing event in Dalston – Blisters. Over 40 artists will each exhibit their limited edition screen prints (they’ve only created about 35 each of these collectibles), which have this year been inspired by the wide world of music – from One Direction montages to Ramones lyrics there’s something in there for everyone. Apart from people who hate screen printing. Even if you do, there will be be music, food and booze as well as the screen prints – and it’s free. Go.

–  WHEN/WHERE: Tonight (but check website as other events happening over the weekend), Dalston



3. CEREMONY FESTIVAL It turns out that a few individuals in Unity have jumped the gun a bit and already have tickets to Ceremony Festival tomorrow, without waiting for it to be approved by the Unity Culture Club team – usually frowned upon, but as the line-up is so impressive we’ll let them off. A mix of big-name DJ’s like Route 94, to classic urban acts like Skepta, Plastician and Preditah makes tomorrow’s Ceremony Festival in Finsbury Park set to be an inciting mix of music, and above all a massive party. Lock up your daughters.

WHEN/WHERE: Tomorrow, £37.50, Finsbury Park  


4. LOVE HOTEL DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE Not only do we love documentary films, but we love Japanese culture here at Unity (and by ‘we’, I mean I), and so this a pick right up our (my) street. And the event next Wednesday is pretty spesh, as it’s a UK premiere of this documentary (including a director Q&A) looking at the fascinating phenomenon of Japan’s ‘love hotels’ – spaces where Japanese people can fulfill their true fantasies and desires. It’s a popular habit in Japan and growing, as there are 37,000 love hotels, each day receiving 2.8 million visitors. The documentary follows the increasing government crackdown on these institutions – as they provide a welcome escape from such a structured society. We (I) only wonder if it would be appropriate to ask the director how exactly one would set up a love hotel in London…

WHEN/WHERE: Wednesday 17th, ICA