October 3, 2014

CULTURE CLUB: On Your Radar 03.10.14

Here’s your weekly co. mailer, featuring a host of handpicked recommendations from the left-field of London’s arts and culture world. Lock down your aerials..:


This is a week-long celebration of the flavours, fusions and crazy concoctions that can be created simply by mixing alcohol – I’d go as far as to say that the alchemy of creating a cocktail should be celebrated by proclaiming London Cocktail Week a national holiday (Boris? Please?) And to show that anyone can appreciate cocktails themselves – and that’s mixing not just drinking – there will be masterclasses, immersive experiences and events across the week. It’s hard to manage your time and priortise with so much going on, but our personal pick of the crop is the Don Julio Street Festival simply because it’s a Mexican street party – raucous, uninhibited and tequila-fuelled. See you there.

WHEN / WHERE: Loads of events (A £10 wristband gets you in to all of the non-ticketed events, and cocktails are just £4), Oct 6th-12th

–      designmynight.com/london-cocktail-week



Do you ever find yourself in a predicament or sticky situation, and to get yourself out of think; ‘What would Beyoncé do?’? No, me neither, but I wish I did. Luisa Omielan does just that – she’s a funny lady. Her first show entitled What Would Beyoncé Do? was hugely successful, and she’s since been named “one of the biggest stand-up hits of the decade” by The Guardian this year – so she’s hoot, basically. This is her follow-up show to WWBD – not sure what it’s about, but does that even matter? Go before it sells out.

– WHEN/WHERE: Soho Theatre, ends this weekend

– sohotheatre.com/luisa-omielan-am-i-right-ladies



“GOLD! Always believe in your sooooooooooo-o-o-ooooul…”

Spandau Ballet are amazing aren’t they? They did that song Gold, and, and…that’s where my knowledge ends. Well apparently, Spandau Ballet were pretty massive in the 80s – up there with The Human League (that waitress song), Bowie and other blouse-wearing blokes. Either way, if you’ve ever been intrigued to know a bit more about them – over and above Gold – you can find out by watching a documentary on this weekend.  Apparently they were the most flamboyant on the scene, there was probably some sex, drugs & rock n roll involved, plus Tony Hadley was well fit. Here’s that link again in case you forgot how amazing it is to sing along to GOLD!

– WHEN/WHERE: ICA, 4-7th Oct

– ica.org.uk/soul-boys-western-world



Shameless plug for one of my friend who works for Neneh Cherry, but this Work It warehouse rave tomorrow night at The Laundry looks awesome. A mix of grime, house and dancehall, if you go, you got to be prepared to work it with the best and dance all night. Neneh is headlining the night with a DJ Set – not sure if she’ll play Buffalo Stance, she might be sick of it…but DJ Martelo is also playing – his priority is to make everyone there boogie – and at just £10 entry, it’s a bargain boogie.

WHEN/WHERE: The Laundry, E8, tomorrow

–       www.residentadvisor.net

–       youworkit.co.uk