April 14, 2021

CommUnity Launch and Webinar: What the new Community Spirit means for brands


An in-depth look at how local is changing and why it matters for brands. Together with insight and foresight experts from Trajectory Partnership we will be sharing new primary consumer research and our new joint venture CommUnity.


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How should brands tackle the challenge of local? After more than a year in lockdown, our attitude towards ‘local’ has changed radically. What we do, what we want and what role we think brands and business should play in our neighbourhoods, town, cities and regions is very different than 12 months ago. We have the research to prove it and it strongly suggests that in post-pandemic Britain, the new community spirit presents both opportunities and threats for brands.



To successfully engage with the new community spirit, brands need to show up as an active, useful and engaged part of the community. We call this Citizen Thinking. This requires insight and understanding of a brand’s own strengths and weaknesses, a deep knowledge of places and the micro-climate of any community and breakthrough creativity and communications expertise to maximise the value of any activity.
Our new consultancy practice CommUnity brings these skills together in a single, multi-disciplinary team of experts with in-depth experience and knowledge to help brands win and is part of Unity, an award-winning creative consultancy.



What you’ll take away

1. New consumer research findings on community attitudes which support this view

2. How to be abreast of the way people will view “local” in a post-pandemic world

3. An understanding of how brands’ thinking about “local” will need to change

4. Insights and strategies from the CommUnity team to guide you through the ‘local’ minefield

5. Lessons from Morrison’s Plc on its Local engagement strategy



Can’t make it, but want to hear more about our research? Download our digital pack here.