April 4, 2019

April Fool’s Day

Ah, April Fool’s Day. The very definition of fake news, and the equivalent of Christmas morning in the PR sphere.

We’ve curated our very own rundown of all our favourite across brands and broadsheets to bring you the most attention-grabbing poissons d’avril. Do let us know if you fell for any!


A curious culinary habit that has been discussed (or is that disgust?) for many years – some fast food fans admitting to dipping their French fries into milkshakes for an oddly satisfying taste explosion. The Maccy Ds PR team has finally caught wind, and brought this McNugget to social media this morning:


Beloved by middle class mummies the country over, Boden have capitalised on Brexit fever to bring you a fashion forward joke: offering a bespoke stripe-removing service to any customer who owns one of its always-on-brand famous Breton tops, in response to a non-existent EU ban on the garment. Spring Summer 2019 is set to be full of plain block colours…


In all honesty – I fell for this one big time this morning. The Metro, everyone’s favourite urban daily, bowed towards the ‘anti-straight-white-male movement’ – by – banning straight white males from its comments section. Whether it’s a personal slight against the writer’s looks, or a snide comment about the quality of the writing, comment sections are known for being stressful places, where interesting and nuanced observations are drowned out by rudeness. For a split second, it was heavenly to imagine a world without Steve from Stevenage’s input…


Mr Potato Head

If women and millennials have been taught one thing, it’s that carbohydrates are inherently bad and that avocados are the key to glossy hair, better eyesight and filing your tax returns. With this in mind, Hasbro has announced that Mr Potato Head will be replaced with a new, vegan-friendly character, Mr Avo Head. The hipster character will sport a “man bun” and well-groomed beard, and wear skinny jeans and trainers. By this reckoning, Mr Avo Head was modelled on all the men I try not to date.


Segueing nicely – the cries of the UK’s single ladies, fed up of dating men who advertise themselves as 6’1” but turn up with a physique closer to Danny DeVito, were (nearly) heard by Tinder, who fake-announced its launch of a new verification system to stop ‘height-fishing’ users. To get the blue height verification badge, users will need to input their ‘true, accurate height’, along with a photo of themselves standing next to any commercial building, and then wait for Tinder’s algorithm to work its magic.

April Fool or not, this is a technology that I will gladly crowdfund.



Today’s Daily Express reported that Britain may face a permanent exit from the Eurovision song contest, due to a ruling by “L’Institute de Eurovision Song”. An official body if ever I heard one! A spokesperson is quoted as saying “It is unfortunate for British music fans, but we have a duty to protect the performers and music fans from other member states.”

Stand down, Cliff Richard, your services are no longer required.


Royal Mint

Always a savvy PR team – the Royal Mint and The Sun collaborated on a collection of coin designs based on emojis, including a ‘poo’ emoji fifty pence piece.

This might have been an effective prank, if the whole world didn’t use plastic anyway…


In its bid to compete with sharing economy rivals, Travelodge opted to take sharing to the next level with a fresh ‘bedshare’ service that makes travelling a little less lonely and cheaper. Guests will get a 50% discount if they are willing to share half their room with another guest, and the company will clearly mark everything down the middle to make sure each person gets their fair share.

One way to make friends, I guess!

Hello Fresh

The meal subscription box service claimed to launch “The Unicorn Box” to its options, as a tongue in cheek comment on what brands think millennials love even more than avocados.  The first-of-its-kind experience contains three colourful recipe kits that will let diners eat “like a mythical creature with a box full of farm-fresh rainbows, smiles, and joy right at your doorstep”.

Maybe just me, but if this turned up on my doorstep I’d phone the RSPCA to put the legendary beast out of its misery…


BMW has unveiled an innovative new feature that helps to “push the limits of electric driving”. From the first of April (should have been your first clue), BMW drivers will be able to add Lunar Paint as an optional extra to their i series vehicle. The product uses “revolutionary photovoltaic technology to harness the power of the moon and passively recharge your battery in the hours of darkness.” Truly, it’s what Neil Armstrong would have wanted.

Virgin Atlantic

On the subject of travel, Virgin Atlantic is going back to their musical roots and trialling sing-alongs on key routes.

As part of an extension to the airline’s ‘depart the everyday’ campaign, passengers will be encouraged to join the crew for in-flight karaoke from shortly after take-off.

Highlights of the schedule include a Saturday Night Cabin Fever disco on weekend flights, mile-high hip-hop during flights to LA and non-stop Sinatra on flights to New York. Start spreading the news… except, don’t, because it’s not true.


Organisers of the HSBC London Sevens rugby tournament have announced a collaboration with macabre tourist attraction London Dungeon. The London Dungeon has installed a replica of its infamous torture chamber within a dungeon-style sin bin at Twickenham Stadium, where players will be sent on receipt of a yellow card throughout the duration of the nail-biting two-day event.

See a bewildered Richard de Carpentier take the Dungeon on here.



And, finally, a corker of a porker – Spam has jumped on the plant-based wagon, by launching a new variation of its iconic tinned food. With a quarter of 25-34-year-olds identifying as vegetarian or vegan, Spam is re-positioning itself towards those decreasing their meat consumption, with ‘Vegan Spam.’ I can almost hear Piers Morgan’s blood pressure rising from here…