March 9, 2020

Unity, Vigo Comms and Schillings launch multi-disciplinary offering to manage reputational risk associated with Covid-19.


London-based, award-winning communications consultancy Unity has joined forces with industry-leading crisis management and corporate advisors Vigo Communications and renowned strategic crisis response firm Schillings to create a unique, multi-disciplinary offering that provides expert counsel and support across legal, financial and communications arenas.

The team was created in response to client feedback and a growing demand for a highly competent, unified and responsive service on this critical issue that could provide reputational guidance on the human as well as the business operational challenges Covid-19 poses.

Facing a blizzard of information and media coverage, companies are looking for strategic support that enables them to deliver concrete actions founded on experience and science rather than fear and anecdote.

The team is led by Amy Pope, Partner at Schillings and former Deputy Homeland Security advisor to the Obama administration during the Ebola outbreak, Patrick d’Ancona, MD of Vigo Communications, a veteran in corporate advisory and crisis comms and Gerry Hopkinson, CEO & Founder of Unity, a leading brand reputation consultancy.

Together, the team can provide the highest levels of strategic counsel and delivery to all stakeholders including employees, suppliers, consumers and regulators, investor relations, messaging, policy and procedural formation and training and support for spokespeople.

In addition to being available on a rapid response basis, the team has created a product which aims to immunise a business from reputational risk within 14 days helping to assess or create policies and procedures, consider risk profile and threats, craft messaging, brief and train spokespeople and consider the impact on its people.

Commenting on the launch, Gerry Hopkinson, CEO & Founder of Unity, said: “Whether or not, a business is currently affected, it is sensible to have a plan in place for staff, customers, wider stakeholders and shareholders. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach, which is why we have created a team covering legal , comms, investor relations, corporate advisory and reputation and risk management expertise under one roof.”

Amy Pope, Partner at Schillings, said: “We have been receiving a lot of requests from very worried clients, wanting to understand how best to prepare and mitigate risk as well as best look after their people and customers. Businesses and brands have significant challenges but can and should remember that we can rise to these and overcome them with calm thinking, planning, preparation and most of all empathy.”

Patrick d’Ancona, Managing Director of Vigo, said: “We are learning a lot about Covid-19 each day but we already know the dizzying array of ways in which it can cause damage. Whilst we continue to learn more, we must adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and respond in a resilient and empathetic manner, learning to flex our business strategies to protect revenue, reputation and most importantly the health of our staff, supply chain and customers.”

We will be hosting a webinar/teleconference on 17th March at 09:00am.

The 30-minute webinar will feature insights and guidance from team including an assessment of the current situation, likely risks and guidance on formulating policies and procedures, messaging, leadership and the importance of body language, and finally, the critical human dimension and role of behavioural science in navigating the best path.

Listen to the full webinar here: