UK Launch


Introducing the Facebook owned Oculus Rift to the UK market, due to the fact that it’s still essentially an entirely new product, an element of education needed to be considered showing the market that it isnt just for gaming, it’s is accessible for all demographics and it is a showcase of the future of technology.

This includes showcasing it’s already vast array of content, it’s multiple uses for lifestyle with experiential video and gaming as well as business with its VR meeting functions as well as story telling ability.

After details of the announcement we launched the Oculus Rift to the consumer market with a robust media strategy detailing its uses, how to get it and encouraging consumers to book live demos to sample its potential, getting coverage in every national title as well as the majority of consumer and tech titles across print, online and broadcast.

To continue conversation around the Oculus post launch we developed and maintained relationships with a number of key journalists, commentators and bloggers, inviting them to our office to go through live demos of the kit with our team.

Subsequent product launch stories and activations, such as influencer led event for the launch of Oculus Touch – the hand sensor controllers, working with celebs, vloggers and content creators to tap into existing engaged audiences in a way that is right real and relevant.

  • 490 pieces of editorial media coverage with over 1.3bn OTS
  • Stand out coverage in The Guardian, Mail Online and BBC Newsround
  • 52.7% Facebook mentions
  • 98% positive sentiment
  • 125 influencer tweets