Direct Line

Direct Line came to us looking for increased brand connection and preference, to drive business growth. They tasked us with leveraging their ‘fixer’ brand proposition in a way that would drive brand love – not something that the insurance category has much of!

We identified the consumer need of increased control and importantly believed we needed to show up in a way that was empathetic and demonstrated that as a brand we “got it” and were in tune with our audience.

Inspired by the unlikely, but brilliant, source of Charles Bukowski’s poem “The Shoelace” we used the emotive, universally true insight – that it’s the ‘everyday emergencies’ that we all dread and we all need help with – to create a social-led campaign; #directfix.

Routed in two-way dialogue and emotional engagement, #directfix sees us listening out for people sharing their gripes on Twitter, and responding to these ‘everyday emergencies’ with virtual or real-world solutions in a surprise and delight fashion.

The activity has proven itself as a highly effective tool for engaging potential customers outside of the insurance renewal phase, in a way that has increased scores around brand consideration. #directfix is now key to Direct Line’s overall commercial brand strategy, with our expert fixing teams delivering fixes each week in different cities across the UK.