Unity is a London based consumer PR agency that connects brands with people by turning them in to fans – we call it People Media


Unity is a London based consumer PR agency that connects brands with people by turning them in to fans – we call it People Media.

Yes we’re creative, but our creativity is applied to earning people’s trust, interest and love rather than buying it.


Because money can’t buy you love. John Lennon said that. We think getting millions of eyeballs is completely useless if you don’t get millions of hearts as well.

It’s only natural that we do more for our friends than we do for strangers.

What if your brand could make friends with people? It stands to reason, they would do more for you.

When we like something we want to share it, and today we can share as never before… in fact, we think people are the most powerful media channel on earth.


It’s simple. Friends don’t just talk about how much they like you: they do things to show they care, that they get you, and value you.

They listen, they share, they inspire, and above all they act in ways that make you feel loved…and when people feel loved, they love you back in ways that are very good for your brand.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch – we love to make new friends.

We won 22 awards last year!
Best PR Campaign in the World – Global Sabre Awards 2013
Best Consumer PR Agency in the World – Global Sabre Awards 2013
Campaign of the Year – PRCA Awards 2013
Kids' Shwop Boutique

Last month, the Unity team launched the ‘Love, Mum’ campaign – the latest instalment M&S and Oxfam’s Shwopping initiative. In March we took it one step further and enlisted the help of our favourite, Joanna Lumley, and new Shwopping supporter, Alesha Dixon, to unveil M&S’ first ever Kids’ Shwop Boutique. The beautiful pop-up shop sold …

Brand Love

Here at Unity, we’ve always thought that getting millions of eyeballs doesn’t count for anything… if you don’t get millions of hearts as well. We like to call this thinking Brand Love. And we’ve used this thinking to help shape many an award-winning PR campaign over the past few years. But it’s always good to …

DHL is faster

Guerilla marketing: Not those large primates that go around throwing bananas at people in the hope that it will catch on, more a low-cost (but often hugely effective) strategy that uses low-cost unconventional means to convey a product, idea – or in this example – just show off. Earlier this week delivery firm DHL put …

Tilly The Green Toothed Mermaid

Here at Unity HQ, we really get mums and dads. We get that there are heaps of stressful moments for new parents and that some of the brands we work with can make those moments a little bit easier. We recently worked with toothbrushing gurus, Aquafresh Kids, to ease the stress of toothbrushing for the …

Love, Mum

The Unity team have been busy over the last few months planning and preparing for the launch of a brand new campaign for Shwopping – the sustainable fashion initiative we launched with M&S in 2012. Since then, Oxfam has received 6.9 million items of clothing thanks to Shwopping, worth £4.5 million for the charity, and …

Human Library

Big fans of literature and talking, here’s a little extra stunt that the team noticed by those kooky peeps over in Denmark. Bored of loaning out books from a library, Danish youth activists started the ‘Human Library‘ back in 2000; a mobile library project where people can loan out people to tell their stories – …

Selfie Police Website

Let’s face it; ‘Selfies’ are officially big news (no pun intended). Not only was the term for taking a picture of oneself and posting it online deemed international ‘Word of the Year‘ by Oxford Dictionaries in 2013 even world leaders have been papped snapping pics of themselves to great criticism at the late great Nelson …

As we launch the 2013 results of Creativity In PR study we interview some of the PR industry’s brightest talent. At Now Go Create we’re obssessed with all things creative and are always trying to better understand what this overused word really means and how it translates into commercial outcomes.

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