88 awards in 2016, 2017 & 2018!

  • Consumer Marketing - EMEA SABRE Awards 2018
  • Branded Journalism - EMEA SABRE Awards 2018
  • Institutional Image - EMEA SABRE Awards 2018
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - PR Moments Award 2018

April Fool’s Day

Ah, April Fool’s Day. The very definition of fake news, and the equivalent of Christmas morning in the PR sphere. We’ve curated our very own rundown of all our favourite across brands and broadsheets to bring you the most attention-grabbing poissons d’avril. Do let us know if you fell for any! McDonalds A curious culinary […]

April 4th, 2019

Unity Basement Sessions XX October! Collective – Body As Home

This week at Unity HQ, we opened our vault to an esteemed group of artists who really deserve the moniker ‘disruptors’. The group, October! Collective, are accustomed to having hundreds of pairs of eyes on their most private affairs. The group invited a host of media and influencers to our offices to showcase their latest […]

March 22nd, 2019

Valentine’s Round-Up

Roses aren’t red, cockroaches need names, Roll up for all this year’s Valentine’s games  To some, 14th February is an important feast day reserved for letting your nearest and dearest – or secret infatuations – know the very volume of your affections. For others, it is a crass, commercial and unnecessarily cute reminder of loves […]

February 15th, 2019

“The great thing about Unity is they’ve got one foot in the board room and one foot on the street” Paul Holmes of the Holmes Report

We understand people and profit in equal measure: culture & commerce, audiences and assets, brands and business.

We’re an independent communications agency with a passion for delivering progressive work that rises to the challenges businesses face today.

Yes we know how to reach consumers, shareholders, businesses, governments and a range of other stakeholders. But increasingly, the right answer isn’t B2C or B2B. Today, all campaigns need to reach a much more important audience – human beings. 

Which is why our approach puts people first and at the heart of everything we do. We get people; we know what floats their boat, and how to turn them into fans.  We create campaigns that speak to people’s deepest needs and that drive passionate engagement. 

We believe people are the most powerful media channel on earth, and when properly engaged can deliver incredible things for brands and business. Which is why we’re proud to call ourselves a People Media business. They can shift product, swing opinion, create a movement, land a message and even turn around a crisis. 

They can make the difference, and so can we.

We are Unity.  Where consumer campaigns meet brand reputation.

Practice areas: Consumer, Corporate, B2B, Digital

Specialisms: PR, Influencer Marketing, Real-time Marketing, Social Media, Experiential and Events, Content Creation, Brand Activation, Insight and Planning, Strategic Consulting, Integrated Marketing, CSR

Products: Brandcestry – a brand planning tool that uses the best of a brand’s past to inform its future, CommUnity – a CSR planning, definition and launch product

Our People

Gerry Hopkinson Gerry Hopkinson

Gerry Hopkinson

Following a successful career working for and running a number of leading London agencies, Gerry set up Unity in 2005 with Nik Govier. He is an industry veteran with more than 25 years’ experience working agency side and in-house across more than 200 major brand campaigns. He and Nik set up Unity because of a shared passion in creating the UK’s first humanist marketing agency – putting people at the heart of brand thinking.

Gerry’s renowned for his creativity and strategic brain – a very powerful combination. After a while in the game, he’s pretty good at it now and motivates his curious, hungry team on a daily basis.